Can Swagbucks be Passive Income?

Honestly? It depends upon what you are doing. Passive as in I can go to Aruba and do nothing? No, Swagbucks is not that Passive. Passive as in, can I start an app and let it run without advancing it on every video? Yes, there are four of those apps.

Swagbucks is where I head second for passive income. It's the easiest to get started on for the most cash. SwagBucks outearns PerkTV with one phone (which is what most of you have to start with) by a little over a 2-1 margin. I can earn on SwagBucks about $2.50 a day passively. On PerkTV I can earn about $1.10 per phone passively. 

First...Sign up if for Swagbucks you haven't already. If you appreciate what I have written, please use my referral code which is in the link. It looks like the different colored link above that says Swagbucks. If you are reading this on your phone you can still use that referral link. If that isn't OK then you will need to type Swagbucks into the search engine you use.

What is a referral code and what does it look like? 

My referral code is swagbucks site slash refer slash member name. 

If you click on a colored link here and go to the swagbucks web page then you are using a referral link. If you need one of us to help you; my daughter does these things with me, some she is better at and she doesn't blog so some pages on this site may be her referral links.

Also note that there is reported to be a SwagBucks Account cap of 2 Accounts per wifi but I haven't really figured that out yet..... no comments as to why :) 

Six Swagbucks Mobile Apps

Click into WiFi if you don't have unlimited data on your phone and few plans truly have unlimited data these days.

There are 6 Swagbucks Mobile Apps that are used for earning money. For the most part 4 turn on and keep going. If this is  your first day and want to know how I earn $75 a month on the Internet without clicking continually these are the first four things I do. I use them in this order. SBTV, Sport.ly, EntertaiNow and MovieCli.ps. 

All SwagBucks Apps are available for Android. 

Only 3 Swagbucks Apps are Available for Apple Devices. 

The starred bright yellow in text Swagbucks Apps are the ones I play/watch videos on. I would hate to have you miss them.

Swagbucks Mobile

**Swagbucks TV Mobile (SBTV Mobile) (Apple and Android) 
**Sportly.tv (Android)
**EntertaiNow (Apple and Android)
**MovieCli.ps (Android)
There is also a Swagbucks search widget which is nothing that works well for me.If you figure it out and use it in a way that I can earn real money (it's not passive by any means) let me know. 

SwagBucks Apps are by Yowgo LLC.

SwagBucks Mobile

If you need to work on earning money right away, skip this section and come back to it. It's more active income that one can get here in this app and it's a bit more sporadic. 

Swagbucks Mobile is a repository for different things one can do on a mobile. I can go there and go to the apps I want to use but usually I just open the apps directly. Head to the app store and download. I'll be back to explain more but you want to get started making Passive Income today, right? Passive as in you don't have to do something continually..... 

SBTV Mobile

Install the App, Sign in with your Swagbucks Account and start. Pick a category and start watching.You can get 40 Swagbucks a day for doing this. 
Doing this app daily will net you around 1200 SwagBucks a month. That means this app alone will get you at least 2 $5 Amazon gift Cards each month. There is a cash option I will explain in a bit.  

Make sure you are hooked onto wifi unless you have unlimited data. I am using a junk phone right now that has no phone service. 

SBTV Mobile is interesting. As you watch it, you will notice that some videos are a lot longer than others. If you like to watch the videos, you won't care. If you are in it purely in a money making capacity you can put the shorter videos in a favorites category and watch mostly from there. 

Right now there is a cap of 40 SBs a day from this app. That is the equivalent of about 40 cents. Forty Cents!!! That is hardly worth bending over to pick up these days, right? Well, yes and no. Those 40 cents a day add up. They really can. 

The passive is that these videos generally run continually with little assistance needed once you start them. So with no modification, you can start watching videos and at the end of the month with this app only have $10-$15 in  Amazon Gift Cards. 

What do I do if I get stuck in an ad? 

Scroll to the bottom of the page for some tips.


This app takes longer to run than SBTV Mobile. It takes longer as you need to view 10 videos to make 2 SwagBucks. Some people don't get it finished in a day. If you have only one phone and you talk a lot on it, have to restart the app continually then you won't get finished in a day. Is it still worth it? I think so because the pennies add up. 

EntertaiNow usually opens into the Scenes Section. Tap on the three lines to the left and you will see more options. 

The Categories are: 

  • Scenes
  • Featurettes
  • TV Spots
  • Reelz.

I usually start in the TV Spots or Featurettes section. 

I (personally) try to avoid Richard Roeper videos (Reelz) when I can. He seems to be long-winded and has little to say that actually pertains to me personally. Richard Roeper is a movie reviewer. Silly me, I would rather watch and make my own decisions but he is part of the videos in the EntertaiNow section. 

Above the categories section you will see:

  • Your User Name
  • Favorites shorter videos? Something you really like? from the list while in the sections above you can drag the video to the left and a heart will appear. This means that video has now been favorited. SBTV works the same way. 
  • Reward, you can order rewards from here if you want or need to. 
EntertaiNow SBs Total that's been possible has varied in the past couple of months from 90 to 110 SBs. It's slower though as you have to watch more videos to get SBs. So it's number 2 on your list if you have an Apple. If I only had an Android though it would be close to number 4. 

So since we are working on earning $75 a month the total so far that one can earn passively from only the Apps that I have told  you about is, drum roll please 150 per day.

    40 SwagBucks from SBTV Mobile per day

+110 SwagBucks from EntertaiNow per day
  150 SwagBucks per day which equals about
4500 SwagBucks a month 

4500 SwagBucks equals up to about $45 a month in PayPal cash or Gift Cards.

What have I done? Gone to my phone and opened up 2 Apps every day. Now after about a month I thought something like, "darn that worked pretty well and was pretty easy. I can't believe this really worked. What else can I do?"

So since I only had an iPhone, I decided to get a $25 payment into my PayPal Account so I could buy a cheap Android Phone for $20 so I could make more money off the other 2 Apps. They don't give as many quick points but in a month they would pay off the phone and I would be ahead. 


MovieCli.ps is a Swagbucks App for Android. Head over to the Google Play Store to download it. Open it up and sign in. It works the same way as the EntertaiNow and the SBTV. It takes a while also. Why do I say it takes a while? It takes 10 videos equal 2 SwagBucks. 

After you have downloaded Swagbucks MovieCli.ps from the Google Play Store and signed in you will see the Category "Movies."  Last week the total SBs one could get from MovieCli.ps was 40. Now it is higher. I am not sure how long the higher point totals will last. So if I get another 40 everyday from MovieClips that brings the total points possible with the apps I have told you about so far to, drum roll please, 

    40 SwagBucks from SBTV Mobile per day

+110 SwagBucks from EntertaiNow per day
+  40 SwagBucks from MovieCli.ps per day
190 SwagBucks a day total which equals out to (got that drum roll ready?)
5700 SwagBucks a month which is equal to about $57 in PayPal Cash or Gift Cards

You see where I am going with this right? Next App.


Once again, head over to the Google Play Store and download the App onto your phone or tablet. Open it up and you see the three little lines to the left and a line of videos. Start playing them. In Sport.ly they are called channels. There is only one channel. 

If you click on the three little lines you will see your user name, favorites and rewards. The Apps look pretty much the same. 

Other people say they get 40 from Sportly.tv while other people say they get 52. I get 52. 

So here it is again. It's only $.52 cents a day but it adds up. Here are your new totals. 

    40 SwagBucks from SBTV Mobile per day

+110 SwagBucks from EntertaiNow per day
+  40 SwagBucks from MovieCli.ps per day
+  52 SwagBucks from Sportly.tv per day
242 SwagBucks a day which equals up to (drumroll again, please)
7,260SwagBucks a month.

Here's how you spend it to get closer to $75

  7260 is my SwagBucks total each month with only the mobile apps being used.

- 2,250 (I bought 5 Amazon Gift Cards for 450 each.) so that equals $25
 5010 is left for more Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal, Target or WalMart cards. This is equal to a $50 gift card or PayPal payment. It's for whatever you choose to spend it on. 

I'd buy two more phones to make even more money. How would I do that? I would buy phones that would run Perk TV so I could make $125 a month in Gift Cards. 

Hey, you know me. You know I am not going to bullshit you about this. 

What do I do if I get stuck in an ad? 

Scroll to the bottom of the page for some tips.

What to do if you get stuck in an ad. There are a couple of ads right now that are causing SBTV Mobile to hang up right now and quit playing. Here are a couple of tips:

If it's a red box it's a Verizon ad. Learn to hate Verizon like a lot of us and tap in the upper right hand corner to close it. 

If it's a stroller with wheels, try tapping on the upper rh corner also. Usually works. Otherwise some have to restart the app. 

If there is a white button that says "Visit the Website", click on it and then wait and there will be a close button pop up. They don't happen very often to me but they do occasionally occur. 


I am going to move the part below to another page. 

How do I know cheap Android Phones are worth it to me? I did the math. Cheap Android Phones that can run the Swagbucks A

pps can be had for $20 on sale or reasonably cheap off the Amazon Site. So yes, I can take the Swagbucks Amazon Gift Cards and put it into my Amazon Account and use it to buy phones to do more Swagbucks with. Or to run more Apps with.

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