In some ways, PerkTV is my favorite app to use to earn money with.

What can I say about it that would convince you to try it?

I remember when I first read about PerkTV. I was like, Yea, right like nothing is going to be like this. There is no way that one can download an app that will let  you watch TV and earn money 24 hours a day. And on 5 devices? My leg is long enough. but my phone still had hours that it wasn't doing anything to pay for itself. I  decided to put the app on my iPhone and at least try it out.

Perk Apps

There are various Perk Apps that have various degrees of passive. Remember that the discussion regardig PerkTV started over on Facebook as to how I earn passive income. Income that I don't need to click my fingers to the bone to earn.

Here are the Perk Apps

Perk Browser
Perk Shopping
Perk Search
Perk Pop Quiz
Perk Unlock Screen

The Perk Apps aren't all listed on the Perk website but there are apps for them.

The same Verizon ad that hangs up in SwagBucks? I have no trouble with in PerkTV. Instead they will show me a thumbs up or down at the end that I can use to win prizes that I want. Yes. Prizes that I want. PS4 anyone?  An X-Box One? I wouldn't mind one of each so I sometimes click on the thumbs if I am watching.

That's a great way for me to be motivated to let the advertisers know that I watched their advertisement. It makes life a lot more fun than to struggle to figure out how to close an app without backing out of the program.

So not only does PerkTV pay me to watch videos play, they reward me for telling the advertisers if I like or don't like something.

The part I don't like is that I can earn more passively per day on Swagbucks $2.50 versus $1-$1.50 for one device.

The massive perk to PerkTV? I can run the videos on 5 devices. Do I? Yes I do on 4 devices. The fifth device I have is running Swagbucks so I can buy another cheap Android Phone that will pay for itself in a month.

Some believe I am wasting money on phones. I consider each phone an investment in my future. They are carefully handled and still have the plastic that comes on each new phone and screen. Each phone costs about $20. If I do it right I can find deals through rebates or gift cards that will bring the price even lower.

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