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 One of the things that kept me down was not ever having things that I needed when I was first working on my recovery. Search to earn sites weren't around like they are now. Now they are and now they help me stay afloat financially.

Today I joined GiftHulk. GiftHulk is a site where one can search to earn, but one can do many other things to earn a type of digital currency called Hulk Coins which can be turned into gift cards, jewelry, PayPal cash and other items. I am excited about this new gift card opportunity.

Does anyone else already do this? I like it but could always use some more tips. Here is my link.

When you go to the GiftHulk home page for the first time you will be looking at a screen like this:

As you can see, you have a choice as to how you want to sign up. Would you like to sign up using FaceBook, Google +, Twitter or in white letters underneath if you don’t want everything to be connected. It is a personal choice how one wishes to sign up. If you don’t  want everything to be connected to facebook or twitter it doesn’t have to be.

After you sign up (if you choose to open an account with a social network it will as a couple of questions) you come to this screen….

As you can see when you  take a look, there are two navigation bars and each one does different things.  Across the top there are the words GiftHulk. Earn, Invite, Win, Store,  a life-saving ring, an envelope icon (helps you always be able to fin your GiftHulk Mail, a box that tells you how many Hulk Coins you have and a personal section. When there is a little down arrow beside a word, a menu will open and one can see other options. If we click on the Earn Tab, this is what we see.

If we click on the Win Tab, this is what we see

You can explore that stuff on your own. Click on the little arrow and the menu will drip down.

One of the sections in the earn tab is the video section called GiftHulk TV.I like this layout a lot, the bar is easy to see, the progress is easy to see  and the page is uncluttered which is helpful to me. In GiftHulk TV the basic rule of thumb is that on a regular round you earn 10 Hulk Coins. That means you earn a coin a video. Not bad since Swagbucks gives you three swagbucks for viewing ten videos.

In GiftHulk TV there is a limit to the number of video rounds that can be viewed a day (20) but there are four video Bonus Rounds where one can earn increased points:

In TV Round 5 one can earn 40 Hulk Coins

In TV Round 10 one can earn 50 Hulk Coins

In TV Round 15 one can earn 60 Hulk Coins and

In TV Round 20 one can earn 90 Hulk Coins

Each round right after you finish you can see the point total change.

I like that in many ways. In the above pic a regular round of Hulk TV is being shown. Here they blatantly tell me to watch the whole video, (OMG—if I watch it enough I might learn to cook), but the point totals are close to worth it to me. There are other types of videos that aren’t cooking vids. If you look for the red button, you can see that it is named channel select and you can view different types and styles of videos from that button.

Another nice touch is the red button to the right of a playing video that says random next video. That way you don’t have to or need to try to view all the videos of one type.  They don’t have to be all zoo movies or all entertainment movies. Yea GiftHulk. 

In the pic below you can see that I am viewing a GiftHulk Bonus Round (5).

GiftHulk was a shock to me at first. I came over from Swagbucks where the $5 Walmart Card is 500 points. On GiftHulk it is 5000.They do count things very differently and there are some awesome opportunities under tasks that I want  to do. One is this blog post about GiftHulk. I am thinking things will work out well. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything .

I like the GiftHulk Concept. I am excited to give GiftHulk a try. I’ll try to post tomorrow to show you some of the neat stuff in the task list I saw. Things like do tasks for yelp or Google. I like that. They are both me but because I know so many of you need to work on Christmas and don’t have any money for it and don’t have any type of savings for emergencies, I am sharing this with you instead of playing on Google. J

I am really excited about GiftHulk. Come joint me and we can learn it together.

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