Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is a Get Paid To Site (GPT) that currently is only set up so that one can do only one thing to earn points. Bing Rewards pays one to search using the Bing Search Engine.

It is ACTIVE Income, as you do searches to get the Bing Rewards Points every day. It takes me about 15 minutes to do both the desktop and the mobile searches. I do them while waiting in a line, during commercials on the TV or while waiting for a cuppa(tea) to heat up.

Opening a Bing Rewards Account

To open an account with Bing so you can earn Bing Rewards, you can click on the words Bing Rewards. You can join using your FaceBook sign-in so you have less to remember. Some people like to do that and some like to create an account that is not tied to FaceBook. I can see advantages both ways of doing this.

How Much Can I Get? 

At first a $5 Amazon Gift Card is 525 points. That takes 35 days to earn, but you don't spend a lot of time each day searching once you get used to how to do it. 

After you reach Silver status, you get a 50 point bonus which I used to make my first Amazon Card purchase. How you reach silver status is simple also. All one needs to do is: 

  • complete the Welcome to Rewards Tour
  • complete the welcome to Bing Tour
  • Pick a reward and set it as your goal
  • earn 200 lifetime credits

The next step up in status is gold and the Gift Cards don't cost as much anymore as one only needs 475 points due to a 10% discount. This means I can earn a $5 Amazon card in about 30 days if I log in daily and do any extra things they have for me to do. 

So $5 isn't much is it? It can be easy to blow off $5. But what if you have a goal and save everything for Christmas? That's an extra $55 for Christmas, which to me some years can be a great deal since I would have otherwise pissed that time away and not done a lot with it.

So 15 minutes a day to have money to spend for Christmas or 15 minutes a day doing nothing. I did the nothing most of last year and it didn't work very well for me. So I decided to do Bing Rewards. 

Getting Paid To Search 

(UPDATED due to the addition of Mobile Search)

Right now, while doing Bing Rewards each day one can do 30 desktop searches for a total of 15 points. You can search Bing Rewards for anything. Since I like to do research Bing Rewards is a good option for me.

On top of those 30 regular searches there may be a special search of the day for someone famous, something of interest that happened or a place to visit. There are different options on different days. These options depend on what happened in History or with someone famous.
Here's what the Bing Rewards Dashboard looks like after you have opened an account.

Using Bing Rewards Search

To use the Bing Rewards search, you just click on the magnifying glass beside the words Search Bing. In my dashboard it is yellow because I have gold status. In the beginning it is a different color. Click on any of the icons that are beside words that you might want to learn something about to earn Bing Rewards Credits.

After one has done the 30 searches (you can do 30 each day) for the 15 Bing Points, the item drops to the bottom of the list and has a green check beside it. This month there is a special promo that one can do double search points on Sundays. The green check above means that I did that special Bing Rewards promotion once this month already.

Here's what my dashboard looked like when I finished Bing Rewards yesterday.

The green dots around the arrows mean that I did that activity or search.

Mobile Search

Bing now also has Mobile Search. After signing up and deciding that you want to do it. Head on over to either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and download the app onto your phone or tablet

It shows up as a category on your Desktop to remind you to search and the app picture is on your mobile phone screen. I like having both and make sure to intentionally use the mobile search.

Bing Rewards Status and Percent of Goal

One thing Bing Rewards does well is to make sure that you know where you are, what you have done and what you need to do to make it to your goal (as you an see below, my goal is an Amazon Gift Card. By the yellow star you can see just how far I am towards reaching my next goal.

Above that I can see how many Bing Rewards Credits I have earned in my lifetime and just how many Bing Reward Credits I have in my bank now. I like that it is easy to see and easy to read.

As you can see near the black arrow my Bing Rewards Status is Gold. There are special rewards with each section that one reaches. The Gold status means that I can get up to 10% back on what I purchase from the Bing Rewards Store.

Bing is really helpful when one signs up for Bing Rewards and they give you points for signing up for a goal to help you get started. Smart marketing move on their part.

Bing Rewards Pros

Bing Rewards is pretty quick. There are a number of tips out on the Internet that one can use to get their Bing Rewards searches done more quickly. Bing Rewards limits the number of searches you can do per day so you won't be on the site all day like it feels you can be with some of the other Get Paid To Sites.

Bing Rewards Cons

Bing Rewards (and Microsoft) have been known to change their minds pretty quickly. I (personally)don't like to leave my credits to accrue in the Bing Rewards Bank but instead choose to draw them out fairly immediately.

It's easy to forget to do the Bing Rewards Search. If one wants to make this a main thing that they do each day, one can use the Bing Website or search engine. (It looks like the one below today, 12/10/2013).

Affiliate Links for Bing Rewards

When you click on the words Bing Rewards that are blue or grey, those words are called affiliate links. When you click on them, it means that I have told you about Bing Rewards in such a way that you have become comfortable enough to check out the Bing Rewards opportunity.

When people give you an affiliate link, that person may be rewarded in some way. That doesn't mean that the person who referred you takes money from you from your future earnings. It doesn't mean the person who is referring you gets any of your personal information. The person doing the referring doesn't make many credits and often the referrer gets credit is for a limited amount of time. With Bing Rewards what I get if you click on one of the links on this web page is 200 credits if you reach silver status.

If you have found what I have written on this page to be helpful and you think you would like to try out Bing Rewards, then please consider clicking on my affiliate link. It is one of the ways that I have chosen to try to make money on the web. Also, feel free to tell your friends about this site or page if you have found it helpful. Or open an account and give your friends your referral link.

I don't want you or your friends to reach the Bing Rewards Silver Status so I get credits. I want you to reach Silver Status so you are getting the hang of getting rewards and that one can do things to make their life a bit better when they do things on the Internet.

So those are my thoughts on Bing Rewards. Tips I will do another time.

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