Monday, April 1, 2013

Yesterday Was Easter, Day 5

In some ways, it's been hard, my trying to get adjusted to such a new and different routine. Very different. I started last Wednesday with a list of things I wanted to try. Some things have worked and some haven't. Saturday Night after I ate a Double Whataburger Junior and an order of onion rings, I was beating myself up cause more of my routines hadn't worked.

Then I realized that I have a couple of things that I am doing that are really working well. And both are awesome and have to be making a major difference.

Eating a grapefruit before almost every meal
Yoga every morning.

I am amazed at how much I want and like to do the yoga in the morning. I've even added to the routine that I started out with. I started out doing 30 minutes of yoga, upped it to 42 minutes and now am at 52 minutes of yoga each morning. What hasn't worked out is yoga at night. Or working out mid-afternoon. I really thought both would work out. I like to do things at night. There could be a number of reasons it's not working out, it's been hot and muggy (no air right now), trying to get a new and different routine has been trying, trying too many things at once or just not rested up yet from the winter activities and crap eating that were going on.

I am almost down 10 pounds. That is great but what I am most thrilled about is that I feel so much better. The yoga I am doing is specially picked poses that are supposed to help blood pressure and arm, knee and ankle strength. I really want to build more strength in my arms, knees and ankles. Improving those will help me ride my motorcycle better. I'll be able to do more of what I want to do. I do a lot of solo riding. I do a lot of solo riding to places that don't have a lot of vehicles coming along very soon so I need to be able to pick up my motorcycle myself. I've ridden bigger bikes. I've ridden smaller bikes. The one thing I know is that I have lost strength the older I have gotten. It's important that I be able to pick up my own motorcycle.

Motorcycle wise, I am thinking of moving up a couple of sizes. Before I am comfortable doing that, I need to have the strength to pick it up by myself. There are a lot of women who ride bikes that they aren't strong enough or well trained enough to control. And that's OK until something goes wrong. I so don't want to be one of them. People say things to women like, you need to move up,  you need more power. People have traveled around the world on less horse power than I have now. I would like to ride others better. That's my sole reason to want to move up in size.

For breakfast today I had a grapefruit, an orange and 4 eggs.
For lunch today I went out to McDonalds. I didn't find it hard to resist the smoothies or the buns or fries like I did last year. Or like I did last Saturday. I sat in McD and thought to myself that I really didn't want the calories or the sick feelings that I had last Saturday. I wanted to continue what was working instead.
Dinner: A chicken thigh and a ouple of bananas. I really need to go shopping. Need real food in the trailer.

I am going to stick with morning yoga, the grapefruit as long as I can, and the reduced wheat and sugar when I eat. I am pleased with the results. By Wednesday, I will decide what else i want to try to add. It may be business or it may be more health related stuff.

Todays Weight is: 250.2 BMI: 39.27

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