Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wheat Thins, Mental Illness and Nabisco: Day 14

Wheat Thins, YouTube, Nabisco and Mental Illness

Tonight I saw a Wheat Thins Commercial on YouTube that irked me. In the past I would have gone across the street to Whataburger and eaten a double Whataburger Jr. The Wheat Thin commercial by Nabisco/Pepsico which showed restraint use as a common part of treatment made me feel icky and generally when I feel icky I eat. Instead of choosing that response today, I chose to make a video response to the Wheat Thins commercial. 

In the past I have struggled to make webcam videos. I always seem to see myself as fat first and as a person second so webcam videos where I don't always look at all my best or where I give my views or opinion about something haven't happened before now. Today, I managed to get a video response together that was good enough to where I would let it out the door and onto the Leadership Tidbits YouTube Channel. I'm still somewhat amazed I was able to do that but I am excited that I could. Growing and facing many of my fears and anxieties is a large part of what must happen during this 90 Days if I am to end up where I want to end up.

Pain is Temporary; Quitting is Forever

I must have read the saying "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever" a lot today. Doing a webcam video wasn't painful but it definitely sent shivers of anxiety up and down my spine. It would have been easier to not make the video.Much easier. It also would have been easier to not face that Lance Armstrong doped for his races, but I digress.

Instead I am now hoping to make and incorporate more webcam videos as a part of this blog. I might get a hair cut and definitely will wear some different outfit.

My Video Response

 And Below; The Video that Earned My Response 

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