Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Day 21 The Wahl's Way Day 4

Slim For Life

I really like the name of the book, Slim for Life. It is my goal for my life. I want to be slim enough. What is enough? Enough to where I can hike, swim, canoe climb, ride and do whatever I want. 

Today and the rest of this week, I am working on incorporating two of the tips I found in Jillian Michael's book Slim for Life with what I am eating the Wahls Way. The 2 tips I want to focus on today are:
  • Get down 3 points...
  • Find a restaurant that has a food I like that's part of the Wahl's Way and stick with it. 3 points

Get down 3 points

I will make sure I use whole body exercises that make me move up and down, up and down. onto and off of the floor.

In my yoga I have started trying to incorporate more getting up and down in the routine that I make up each week. I started out only able to do 30 minutes of yoga and only having 15 minutes of that time be in poses where i was standing. Now I tackle poses that require that i stand on one leg for minutes at a time. Because of that, my knees and ankles are getting stronger. 

I am much more at ease with my getting up and down onto and off of the floor. An interesting problem I have run across is that I still worry about kneeling, I seem to be conditioned to be afraid to get onto my knees. It also means that I don't really know how to get up and down well into poses. It's now less that I can't do something, and more about my not knowing how to do it. I need to think through what I need to do and how I can get up and down more easily.

I need and want to practice how to get into and out of the cobra pose, how to get up from the bridge and the cobra poses. Which will in turn help me get into and out of chairs, up and down from the floor and  up and down when cleaning. 

Find a restaurant that has a food I like and stick with it. 3 points

Actually I have friends that have found a restaurant that they like and I want to eat with them so I need to order food that I like and fits the Wahl's Way. I need to get my 3 points that way. 

The restaurant I go to on Wednesdays has a buffet that includes really good french toast. It kicks my assets continually. All day yesterday I said to myself that I can order the Chicken Breast Salad. I like it. I ate it all last year. This year I found that I liked the French Toast more. Or at least I want to eat the French Toast more. Craving sugar this year, last year I wasn't wanting sugar as much.

So, well, on Wednesdays for lunch until the end of this 90 days, its' going to be a grilled chicken breast salad. I will need to leave off the cheese. It comes on a bed of lettuce, with different veggies every week. It all depends upon the cook of the day.

It is my hope that at the end of this 90 days, I will be able to more easily make choices that will be great for me. I know that wheat, cakes, cookies, etc are triggers for me. I want to get to where I feel so good I want to stay feeling well so much that I don't make terrible food choices.

  • Factoid: Today I got interrupted early, couldn't do my yoga, ate OK at the restaurant but it wasn't enough fat so I never felt full, so I ran away to McD. I had a mango pineapple smoothie and 2 McDouble's. I feel better. A whole lot better. Part is the fat helped me feel better. Both the McDoubles and my smoothie of choice are high in fat. 

  • Lesson Learned: Eat before I go, something that has some fat if I am going to eat the salad. 

Wahl's diet 3 things I learned about nutrition

  • That my body has a need to be filled with nutritious foods of all kinds, not just leafy greens. That i need a variety. 
  • That I can have other things after I have the 9 cups of veggies.
  • That I can feel good enough that I won't want the trigger foods and can pre-pave or prepare myself to succeed if I think I might not order what is healthy to me.

Here are some of my trigger foods. They are all pretty unacceptable just because of the huge amounts of trans fats and corn syrup. Both are killers. i want to be alive and enjoying life in 20-40 years.

If I eat syrup and french toast at the restaurant, I totally desire  these trigger foods for the next 5 days. It's not just one day off plan for me. It always seems to be many more than that. 

There was a post today in one of the health groups I moderate about avoiding trigger foods. For me, I don't think that is possible. Too many foods are triggers. People go, shop the outside of the store. Great here's the dairy. Here are meats that don't satisfy me (my body is very particular about what it wants and needs.) Most fish aren't something I enjoy or feel satiated after eating. Some help me,many don't. 

In many Walmarts they have placed carbonated drinks around the outside. In Sam's Club where I shop, much of what I desire to buy isn't really around the outside perimeter of the store. Stores are getting smart. They adapt. I may have to search for the organic veggies.

I have to adapt just as quickly. I don't do many trans fats, very little packaging and no drinks that are prepared for me.

And guess what? I feel good. 

I'm not bummed about my eating today. Glad I found things out and I'm glad that I didn't buy the Milk Duds or go to Whataburger. That could have very easily ended up being a disaster. 

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