Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wahl's Diet and a More Planned Restart on Day 18

I spent much of the day yesterday reading about the Wahl's Diet. It's an expensive book, at least to me, And realizing that 8 days later, 8 whole days out of the 90 days I have let drizzle by. I can eat and work. I just am not used eating well and working. I am used to eating whatever I want just to get me working. I need this to change. 

One of the reasons I am looking at the Wahl's Diet is that I am working on finding a way to better my mental and physical health more naturally. At this point, part of what that means is that I want to find ways to eat what my body needs and not rely on as many supplements. The reason for that is that I find it is much easier to buy organic produce and control what is going into one's body.

Supplements aren't something that one can control what goes into them. Yes, certain companies have great reputations, but somehow I would rather spend my money on good foods than supplements.

I also don't know how well supplements will be absorbed.

Dr. Wahl also makes the point that when one eats foods there are other nutrients available in foods that are then available to our bodies, some advantages that may not even be known to be important yet.

There are charts in the back of her book that I don't have a way to print out, but I took some notes. In the first chapter she lays out a way of eating that doesn't really mean that everything is taken away, but states that before you can eat anything else you should...

Here's what I should to start:
Eat nine cups of fruits and veggies

3 cups should be leafy greens, vegetables like spinach, romaine lettuce and collards, etc.
3 cups should be brightly colored veggies or fruits, beets, red cabbage, carrots, berries, oranges or watermelons.
Eat 3 more cups of veggies before eating any kind of starchy veggies or grains.

Uhhh, I guess there aren't going to be any bread sticks or rolls with my salads.

That's what I want to do tomorrow. There is of course more. but those are the main goals. Doesn't say I have to limit this or that, just that I need to eat those 9 cups of colorful veggies and fruits first. This is kind of what my day will probably look like.

  • For breakfast, a grapefruit and a spinach omelette with no cheese. I'm cheese sensitive and need to get back away from the dairy I've been over dairy problems for a while but wanted to try yogurt once again. When I tried it, I got back all kinds of weird cravings and didn't feel full even when I had eaten enough calories. 
  • For lunch a salad with eggs. I am a bit worried about having too many eggs, but since it's a first day, I am not going to sweat it. I have a great organic spring mix and want to add more spinach to it. I'm also adding carrots, an orange, onions, and purple pepper. If I'm really hungry, I can add another grapefruit.
  • For dinner, 2 hamburgers with a medium sweet potato. I like eating that way and think I will be able to succeed. with it. 
  • If I get cravings or get hungry , the only option is more veggies, more meat or a nap. Since I want to get a bunch of writing done, I need to focus on the options that are available like veggies and meat. 
  • I really don't need to feed my cravings if I want to be healthy.
I want to get back into the Yoga in the morning.

I also did a bunch of reading in Neal Barnard's book, Power Foods for the Brain.
In this book, Neal Barnard talks about if one doesn't eat as much meat and dairy that one has a lower chance of Alzheimer's Disease. I don't do much dairy anyway Just the thought of a bowl of milk every morning for breakfast is enough to make me cringe.

He believes in no or very little fat. Adding in grains that cause me indigestion and quite possibly help add to my joint pain unless taken in severe moderation is something I really don't want to think about,much less do. Oatmeal puts me to sleep. Popcorn makes me want to not move, even when the popcorn's organic (but wow was it ever fun to experiment with it!)

The one thing that Barnard says that I like and accept is to exercise along with a diet change, not instead of it. Exercising to make one's body healthy makes sense. When one diets and doesn't exercise, the amount of health that one's body can acquire is limited.

So where am I starting from? Here:

Weight 250 BMI 39.24

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