Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Day 27 The Wahl's Way Day 10

Today I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep, even though I tried to get back to sleep.

Two things about that:

  1. I woke up exhausted. I think that the combination of exercise yesterday and not enough sleep is helping me be sluggish and tired. 
  2. My weight is up .4 pounds. I know that is normal fluctuation but I've noticed when I get to sleep until I don't feel tired and sluggish, I not only feel better but have the opportunity to have my body heal. It doesn't feel healed today. 
I got up realizing that I hadn't gone shopping for eggs last night. I got interested in some research that I was doing for some articles posted on the Yahoo! Contributors Network and time just flew by. After I started researching things, the eggs never entered my mind again.

Part of my trying to get a more balanced life has been to take a look at what has and hasn't been working while I am trying to earn at least some of my money online. It's been slow going because my online work has been sporadic. What has worked wasn't what I expected to have work. 

I will say that one reason that I haven't earned more is that I stopped what was working because I didn't think it was working well enough. People would tell me things like 
  • You can't earn enough working here
  • You can't work enough working there
  • The up front pay rate is miserable
  • Google doesn't work well
  • You can't trust this or that

What I realize now is that after looking at the content I have up, it's pays a little at a time, but it continues to pay each month. And a lot of "littles" add up. I'm looking to supplement my current income, not earn a full time income. In that respect, I am doing well. Every month I earn money for something I did years ago.

I'm going to continue eating well today, headed off to have a salad and a nap then have one of my favorite dinners of a hamburger with stir fried cabbage and onions. 

Might exercise today and I might not. Today is one of those days I might choose to say, it's not worth working extra hard so I can lose that pound today. My body needs to rest and heal some. Then I can choose what I want to do. I need to work that recovery cycle. It's true in all kinds of stress.

Actually later it would be great if I could work on some intervals or some yoga. Either one might help my body not feel so kinked. But adequate rest is first.

Weight:244.9 BMI 38.44

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