Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Day 20; Wahl's Diet Day 3

Wahl's Diet

I got up this morning and fought through a new yoga routine. It didn't look so bad when I input it into the Wii. Then when I did it, I noticed that I got tired really quickly. When I totaled up the day and checked out the graph, I found that even though I had lost a pound, I had burned 30 more calories than I had in the two previous routines, even though I had a number of floor exercises. I even had enough energy to get up and down off of the floor and was able to do 2 downward facing dog poses while getting up from a kneeling position. That is something that I have only tried sporadically. 

My food intake was interesting. The veggies were OK, it was the meat that I struggled to eat at the end of the day. I need protein or I tire easily, but tonight, I could only get the protein in me at the last minute. I have a rule that I can't eat after 8 PM at all. I try to make that 7 PM. Through the years I have found that I like the way my body feels when I eat in an intermediate fasting kind of a way. I thought about not doing the intermediate fasting when I started the Wahl's diet but I like the way my body feels. It's been a different experience, learning how to listen to what my body wants and needs.

I need to start measuring my veggies, but have decided to wait until later in the week or early next week. Until then I am trying to concentrate on how much of what I am eating and how many colors there are each day. 

Wahl's Diet; What Kinds of Veggies

I am concentrating on the other than green leafy veggies. I have never had a problem eating green leafy veggies or any veggies but have not ever looked at my body possibly needing more than the leafy greens while I am eating leafy greens. The leafy greens are the best, right? That's what everyone needs to eat more of. Or so I thought. 

I do feel well. Intentionally I've added more red, orange and purple veggies. I bought a head of purple cabbage and also added some carrots into my daily eating. Each day I make sure I include oranges and red grapefruit. I have added a lot of onions, at least a cup so I can see if the anti-inflammatory aspect will help me. 

Moving Better and Less Pain With Wahl's Diet

I am able to move slightly better with less Tylenol and ibuprofen. Actually, I am taking much less and moving more. Also I am more willing to move more. I don't mind getting up and moving around. Normally I am in enough pain that I don't want to move at all. That  does seem to be more than a little better. 

My Anxiety Level

My anxiety is less. I am able to get myself out the door and go swimming. I can go sit in the building during the day and get work done. There is something different about me. When I say I want to leave at a particular time then I am able to get out the door fairly close to that time. I knew that Dr. Wahl was using it to treat PTSD in the Iowa City VA. I didn't know if the diet would work with me or not. 

Weight: 247.4 BMI: 38.82

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