Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunday Day 32; Wahl's Way Day 15

So today I hopped out of bed, got on my wii, weighed myself, found out I was up 3.8 pounds and just kinda went ouchee. Then it started to rain and I had to run outside and do a bunch of stuff.

Nothing else really happened except that I went to Whataburger and had a double meat Whataburger Junior.  Frustrating day.

I looked at the damn weather channel. It said it will rain at such and such a time. That is when it didn't rain. The biggest problem was that I had no way to know that the weather channel was going to be so wrong and actually had used it to plan my day. I'd be inside when I should have been outside and outside when I needed to be in. Just a totally screwed up day.

Other than the Whataburger Junior I ate well. I didn't do much otherwise.

I'm not good with rain I'd planned t try to play water volleyball. It rained.

I was out of sync the whole day. Ugh

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