Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Day 25 The Wahl's Way Day 8

Today was a little frustrating and disheartening. I got up, weighed myself and my trusty Wii said that I had gained over a pound (close to 2 pounds actually) and requested that I set a new goal since I had reached my goal. Hmmm, that's not how it's supposed to work. At all.

I was already having trouble staying as motivated as I wish I was.

So I sighed, got up, grabbed a couple of boiled eggs, ate one, threw the other away, hopped on my motorcycle and headed over to church. Listened to a person talk about how instead of 20% of the people doing 80% of the work and how we as a church we need to change that around. So of course my mind rolled through the OK, I guess we need 80% of the people doing 20% of the work. Also heard the words "Get thee behind me Satan!" which was whoa, Biblical flashback time.

A paper was handed out asking for people to volunteer.  I must be one of the group percentage that isn't going to do bo-diddly. I peeked at someone else's paper and it talked about marketing, membership with something else being bundled in. There was no social media slot available so I gave the paper back. I don't really like to volunteer when an organization has no idea where it is going. I've got one of those happening already and it's hard.

Ran over to Barnes and Noble. My friend is looking into The Aztec Diet by Dr. Bob Arnot and I wanted to read up a bit on what she was looking into. It was an interesting book full of Chia smoothies that I didn't fully appreciate but there was one saying that he said that slapped me upside my head. 

I can lose a pound any day I want to.

And it occurred to me that I while i have been working on getting healthy, I haven't exactly been working on losing that pound a day. So I really haven't been losing that pound a day. So I need to not only eat well, but work on losing that pound a day.

Because that is the way that life is. Each day I make choices and those choices affect how I feel, how healthy I become and how thin I am. That's true of all of us, everyday of our lives but we often choose to forget it.

Overall today, I did OK. I didn't fall into the rice treats at Barnes and Noble. I didn't fall into Whataburger on the way home from Barnes and Noble. It was close, but I didn't. Instead I chose to say, lets eat healthy first and then if I still want something I can deviate if I truly need to. This is the third day that is the way I have made it through without eating something that I want but don't want but it's been close.

I haven't done everything perfectly but it has been over a week since I have had any grain products. My quality of life is better which is a large part of what I was looking for. Not as I want it, but better.

Those words I can lose a pound any day I want to; stayed with me and I chose to go for a walk before I came over to write tonight because they are true for me, especially right now:

I can lose a pound any day I want to.


Sunday Weight: 245.8 BMI 38.68

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