Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Day 24 The Wahl's Way Day 7

Today started off great for me. I lost weight and met the goal I had set ahead of time 

Should My Goal Be To Lose Weight or Just Be More Healthy?

Sometimes I worry about setting a goal for my weight loss and think I should just set the goal for being healthy. 

In the past the only goal I could see progress in was if I was losing weight or losing inches. I was measureing or weighing myself everyday and desperate to make any change I needed to make to to drop the weight. Any change. That weight needed to be gone and it needed to be gone now. I not only felt but was out of control.  My body continually wanted to binge and I wanted to exercise to just try to blast the weight off my body. What helps me the most is that I no longer need what is often called the instant reward. 

In so many ways that is no longer true because the desperation is gone. I know that I have an answer that I can use at any time to maintain my weight. I have 3 or 4 answers that will work when I want to maintain if I struggle to keep at the weight. 

It's helpful that the desperation is gone. It's hard to lose weight or become more healthy when one's life is ruled by stress. I know that I can lose weight eating the way that I am right now as I am down 15 pounds in a little less than 30 days. It won't be a full 30 days until Saturday. 

I know that I can lose weight faster than that if/when I add in exercise. My exercise has been sporadic. I like to do morning yoga, but am running into a problem with my having a lack of routine. I like to do yoga in the morning around 10 and then laze over breakfast. Three days a week, this isn't really possible for me, especially if I want to hangout with my friends.

In those 3 days, I face the temptations that are going to be a part of the rest of my life if I want to continue running around with the friends I have and enjoy, so it is very important for me to learn how to deal with the temptations I will face every week for the rest of my life. I chose these limited problem areas to keep happening while I gain better control of my eating for the rest of this 90 days. 

Temptations I Choose to Face in the Future: 

Wonderful block parties that happen for 3-5 months at least once a week in the winter
Terrible food at training's (better than it used to be, but not what I need it to be)
Terrible options at state meetings (bagels, cream cheese, sandwiches, chips, etc)
Chinese Food that a friend and I eat together
Mexican Food that a friend and I eat together
Cookies, cereals and desserts at my mom's house

I know those problems are there and that I will run into them at a later time. It is my hope that I will find solutions in the situations that I am choosing to face and deal  with now.

Situations With Temptations I Choose to Face Now: 

Brunch at The Country Waffle and Pancake House every Wednesday(need a better answer)
Doughnuts at the park meetings on Thursdays
Riding with the Romeo(Retired Old Motorcyclists Eating Out) Motorcycle Riders on Fridays to different restaurants that I don't know well
Saturday morning breakfast with people from the park
Sunday breakfast with the Romeo Motorcycle Riders 

Temptations I've Already Learned to Deal With:

McDonalds for the most part.
Whataburger (I've learned but am still very tempted)
Dinners at the park (pass on the cake and the bun, very doable) Pancake breakfasts, not so doable.

No Grains for the Rest of My Life?

Do I really think I will want to go without grains for the rest of my life? I don't know. I'd like to at least be able to eat a sliver of this or that. Is that logical or realistic? Probably not. Right now eating grains leads me down path's to temptations that I can't handle. When I eat wheat, it causes cravings that are hard for me to face. Three and Four days later I am struggling to not eat sugar and more bread. 

Allow me to explain. If I eat french toast on Wednesdays (and gosh it is good) and then go to Barnes and Noble, I end up ordering a rice krispy treat. If I am not careful I end up ordering smoothies at McDonald's or a Whataburger Junior. Things have gotten better. In the past I would inhale Milk Duds when I wanted sugar. I've stopped that but still have to face other things. 

In one of the groups I run, someone said, "Why don't people just stop?". Well, gee, I'll get right on that. Big grin. 

It's taken me quite a while to learn and to search for options that will work. 

This is Day 7 of my starting to learn how to want to eat the Wahl's Diet Way. I've learned a lot. If I choose to eat foods of different colors, my body feels a lot better. When I was told to eat more veggies before, I am not sure if I ever really realized just how much of the different colors I needed. Everyone said, "eat more green leafy veggies and you will lose weight." And I did eat more of the green leafy veggies. It really didn't work well for me. Many said "stay away from fruits, they add calories and are high in sugar." I tried to stay away from them but would end up binge eating on sugar from another source.  

Do I feel like a rabbit? Not really. Or if I do I must not really care right now. I am just totally thrilled that I am feeling better and have more energy. 

Weight: 244.1 BMI 38.30

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