Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Day 26 The Wahl's Way Day 9

I can lose a pound any day I want to.

I did a lot of thinking about those words that I read yesterday. When I got up and weighed myself, my weight was down a bit. That meant that since the Wii glitched yesterday, I had to reset a new goal today. I am still not back into doing morning yoga. I cleaned the kitchen instead. Still, every time I thought about just going to the swimming pool to laze around, I realized it meant I was choosing to not lose weight.

Wowsa. What is that about actions speaking louder than words?

What were those words again? Oh yeah...

I can lose a pound any day I want to.

I got myself out the door to the weight room and did 20 minutes of HIIT(high intensity interval training) on a recumbent bicycle.Then I went to the swimming pool and lazed around for 45 minutes. Instead of going home though I played water volleyball for an hour. 

The only way I can lose a pound any day I want to is if I want it enough to get out the door to actually do something. And although I wanted to lose pounds before, too often I would just not want to face the needing to move more to do it. 

I can diet and eat the Wahl's Way and lose weight for quite a while. But for me to get healthy and lose weight like I want to and not look like a flabby wench then I have to move and tighten muscles and skin. 

Eating The Wahl's Way

When I got up this morning, I was excited again about eating better. The Whataburger craving didn't start before breakfast. I ate food before noon so that craving might not hit me as hard at the end of the day. Started out with spinach and eggs. 

What was interesting was that I was even more happy to eat the spinach after reading about it being such a super-food yesterday. I like spinach. It was working. I'm not at all sure why I didn't just keep going with what worked and made me feel good. 

Anytime one can eat and not have massive problems following that way of eating one should follow that wae of eating if it is going to enhance one's health.

Is Exercise Really Necessary?

Hmmm, great question, isn't it? I could lose a lot just by eating right. What I am not sure about is ifI would like the way my body would look after I was done losing. When I swim, bike or play volleyball, I feel physically better. When I feel physically better I find it helps me want to eat more healthily. I started out with exercise. It was helping me lose weight but I didn't feel in control of the process enough to where I wouldn't overeat or eat things I knew weren't really good for me. 

the Audio on this Video isn't awesome, but the last 3 minutes of the vid demonstrate what HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is. It's what I did when I lost the first 50 and it's still what I like to do to burn fat. 

Here is another type of HIIT that one can do at home without any equipment. 

I feel really good today. That could just be because the humidity is lower or it could be the exercise or it could be that I was able to eat well and not go running around town all day today.

Monday Weight: 244.5  BMI 38.37

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