Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Day 19 Wahl's Diet Day 2 overall it's day 19

I went to bed early, planned on getting up early but that didn't happen. It felt so good to be lazing around in bed and to be honest? I like life much better when it starts at 10. So I hopped up at 10, got on my Wii and got moving. 

My standard morning has become an hour of yoga. It's not weight loss yoga, but it does seem to help me when I start my day. I like the way I feel when I do it. I need to take one day off yoga each week. At that time I am thinking that I want to change up the routine that I do. The reason I want to take a day off is that I found when I stopped for the four days that during that stop I maintained most of my strength, such a long layoff did affect my flexibility. 

This week I put more floor exercises into my yoga routine. Before, I just didn't want to go through the struggle of getting up and down. I am much more able mentally and physically to get up and down off the floor. I also have noticed that I can move from pose to pose without hanging on to the walls. Big step up for me. I also can start the downward facing dog 

Yea me!!!

Last night I fell into a box of fruit bars. I had hoped I would be able to stop at 1 or 2. I didn't need the sorbitol that was in them and I didn't need to eat the whole box. It wasn't the calories that were in it, it was that I put something that is still a trigger food into my life. And on Day 1 of the Wahll;s diet that I want to do well on. 

Sorbitol isn't the worst thing on the face of the earth but it's definitely not the best thing. It has been reported to cause swelling in the face and the body and it is known as a possible cause for blurred vision. Since I am on the Wahl's Diet to try to see if it will control body inflammation enough to where I can move better and enjoy life more, the sorbitol was a not so good move. Especially since I couldn't stop eating the bars. 

I did have a hard time getting up this morning. Not sure what caused the problem. My muscles don't ache more, but I am not moving as well as I did yesterday. It's hard to know what is causing what. 

Today I am following the Wahl's Diet more closely. I am not going to fall into a box of fruti juice bars. I am getting ready to eat lunch and swim. 

Weight 249.1 BMI: 39.10

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