Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Day 23 The Wahl's Way Day 6

Today has been nice and cool.

Wahl's Diet Day 6 

My diet varied today as I didn't feel well and needed to go shopping to get more spinach and lettuce in my refrigerator. A big bummer for me is that I am almost out of oranges and I really like them on my salad. There are oranges I can buy in the store but most that I see are much too big. The one's on the tree I like have seeds but are smaller and much sweeter than the oranges I find in a store. They have been a great fruit to have as a part of my diet. I will probably add apples. 

Today I stared at a bag of frozen fruit. I love frozen fruit while it is hot, but this month especially; I am on a budget. I am thinking a bag of apples will work out better to help me reach the end of the month. More bang for the buck. I can go back tomorrow. I also need to get some more eggs. They work well on salads and I also enjoy them for breakfast. 

For breakfast, I ate spinach with a few other greens and eggs as I needed to use up the greens. 
I had liver and onions for lunch (a lot of onion as I am struggling to get the veggies in today). 
For dinner I ate a burger stir fried up with cabbage, red cabbage and carrots. 

I added the liver as I definitely wasn't feeling well. Hoping to get some more energy.

Craving a Whataburger Jr.

It was a tough day. I started out wanting to eat a Whataburger junior and apple slices. It's interesting that I now would crave apple slices rather than fries. The last time I got fries I took 2 bites, realized they didn't taste that great but ate them anyway. Now I would rather have apple slices. Life can be strange sometimes. I just kept holding off on the Whataburger minute, by minute, by minute. 

Other than not feeling well, I feel more healthy. Much better health wise. My body feels better. I don't have intense sweet cravings now. I woke up with a headache and that could be my body wanting sugar. Sugar also happens when one eats a bread product. 

Weight: 245.6 BMI 38.55 

Edited 20  April 2013 to correct Wahl's diet day.

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