Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day Hmmmm it's Saturday but what day of my 90 days is it?

I was asked to set up feeds so people could subscribe. I'll do that tonight. 

I've taken  5 (I thought it was 8, but in reality was only 5) days to look at where I am and what I was doing. When I first started out, I thought that what I wanted was to be less weight, physically healthy and had thought about little beyond that. As the days went by and I started writing again, I realized that I wanted my 90 days to be about more than just physical health. I wanted a life in which I felt physically well, but also was able to get the kind of life that I desired and be able to do the kinds of things I like to do 

There are a million and one diet books out there. I have read many of them. My favorite of all of them is Neanderthin by Ray Audette.  When it was falling apart, I wanted to buy a new copy. I hoped it would be available electronically so it would be searchable. Not only was it not available in a Kindle or NOOK format, a new copy would be over $100 and a used copy more than 5 times what I paid for my original 2000 version. I took out my iphone and made a PDF copy of the ragtag book that I had. 

I never seem to stop reading diet books, seldom slow watching The Biggest Loser as long as it is on the Internet on NBC or Netflix. I'm always hoping for some inspiration. An answer that works. 

I have maintained (pretty much with a few minor bumps up and then back down), but not since then have I been able to sustain a longer period where I am able to make a large weight loss happen. 

There is a lot of Atkins or fat bashing that happens, yet when I felt the best was on a modified Atkins that was mixed with Neanderthin principles. The original Atkins was made before we started the large massively nasty, huge feedlots. There was less concern that people were eating fat that contained so many toxins. 

And yet, even then both Atkins and Audette pushed for grass fed. And frankly? In Texas grass fed is easier. Field after field have cow after cow grazing. 

Here's why it's important to me. For me to lose weight, my body seems to require fat and oil. There are all kinds of people who tell me to eat low fat, but if my body doesn't feel good or ever satisfied when I am eating that way,  I can't or won't maintain any weight loss I can achieve.

Here's what I have been struggling with or thinking through the past 5 days:

  • Do I feel better and more satisfied using beef, chicken or turkey? (Pork, while OK is nothing I ever crave.)
  • How do I feel about fried foods? Do I want to continue them using coconut oil? Olive oil can turn on one when it is heated too much?
  • If I only like my chicken fried (no breading needed), can I live with the crap that is shot through them? (water, chemicals I know nothing of which often can include msg.)
  • Do I really want a hamburger or a different cut of beef? 
  • What about organ meats? Do I want to continue them in my life style?
  • How am I going to replace mayonnaise? (yes all the books say I can make it, but I am not totally kitchen handy and I don't own a regular blender.)
  • What kind of exercise do I want to try to do? What do I want to maintain day after day?
  •  Will Yoga Continue to work for me?
  • What about HIIT? (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Do I want to include bread at all? The only way to get away from much of the nasties is to make my own. I don't really want to hunt down and buy Ezekial Bread or it's equivalent.
  • What is my stance on GMO's in my personal diet?
  • And lastly, is my goal to just drop the weight so I can move more and decide about the rest later? Or is it to become  more balanced and learn what I need to do to become more healthy?
I'm not sure what I am going to decide to try yet. I just know that if I don't have fat in my diet, my body doesn't feel at all well or satiated. 

So I am reading the rest of today and figuring out a better plan that will better satisfy me tomorrow. Guess you will have to come back to find out cause I don't know the answer yet. 

No starting weight until tomorrow. :)

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