Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Does Whole Food Mean To Me? Day 3

Whole food. Whole food. All day today I thought about what I thought whole foods are.  So I have enough in me to try to do the Wahl's Diet? They are treating vets with PTSD at the Iowa City VA with this diet. I would so love to try it. I have PTSD and was also diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and in my opinion BPD is nothing but PTSD intensified.

Derailed by Whataburger

Then I got derailed in Whataburger by a double Whataburger Junior and a medium order of onion rings. No soda, I had iced tea. Mostly plain but with a bit of sweet tea mixed in. It didn't put me over anything I shouldn't have calorie wise but it certainly wasn't good for me. Here's why:

Bread after 72 hours of having no bread gave me a bloated gassy feeling. It tasted good going in, but it didn't. What is disappointing is that I kept on eating it. I do that with the cookies my mom buys. If they are there, I eat them. And I continue eating them. But nothing I ate in the past 3 months affected me like this meal did. And during the last 3 months I had eaten them, but not after a wheat break.

What isn't a Whole Food?

Whole foods to me are foods that don't have a lot of extras added in.The more items that are listed, the better chance there is that there is less whole food. Let's look at it this way. In one kind of coffee creamer the list of ingredients starts with corn syrup solids and partially hydrogenated soybean oil, then comes sodium casemate which says it is a milk derivative. So in this creamer; there are more sugars and trans fats than milk derivative. Whatever a milk derivative is. Then there are 6 other ingredients including artificial color and artificial flavor. It's scary what we put in our bodies if we aren't careful.  

If there is a long list of ingredients on the label, there may not be a lot of food in the food you are eating. 

What is Whole Food and Why is It Important To Me?

To me, whole food is when that food has but one ingredient. Meat, broccoli, grapefruit and eggs are all whole foods. Something processed that has added corn syrup solids and/or other sugars, artificial preservatives or colors, or artificial flavors isn't something that really does my body any good. 

A whole foods way of eating rules out many foods that many people take for granted, There are additives in so many things; things that shouldn't need some of those additives. High fructose corn syrup in applesauce. Artificial flavors in juice. Sugars in everything. 

Some additives affect me more than others, but I really can't see why I should want to eat foods that are more additive than actual food. Many additives are in foods so they can have a longer shelf life. Does this mean they will give me a longer shelf life? It doesn't seem to work that way. 

What has become more and more clear to me over the past few years is that processed food causes me more problems than fats (not trans fats), but more more problems than butter, olive oil or coconut oil.  There are so many more calories in processed foods because of additives like corn syrup. Sugar goes under many different names including barley malt and buttered syrup. Now I know that syrup is sweet, but I don't always think sugar when I see it. Then there is the new rage with trying to call high fructose corn syrup, corn sugar because people feel high fructose corn syrup might not be good for them. So permission was asked of the FDA to allow for a name change. It wasn't approved but the name seems to be appearing more and more so there will probably be another petition for a name change. 

There are a lot of different names for sugar and sometimes companies will 2 or more different types of sugar to help a healthier ingredient move up higher on the label since ingredients are listed on labels with the ingredients with a higher percentage first. Here's a great article on sugar

GMO Foods

I try to eat as many organic foods as I can afford. Frankly I am worried about the new ruling regarding Monsanto. I'll discuss my thoughts on foods that are genetically modified (GMO).

Today I got up and did my yoga on my Wii. 
Todays Weight: 3/30 252 BMI 39.55

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