Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Marty Needs to Lose 120 Pounds

I Can Only Start Wherever I Am.

A couple of hours ago, my family left. I have nothing but time. Nothing to do but work on where I want to end up. But one of the things that one must do is is find out where I am starting out so I pull out my trusty Wii to check up on my weight and how much I have let my health decline. 

Health declines when one does nothing. And for almost 3 months, I have been doing nothing but surviving. As I step on the Wii Balance Board, I think a lot about how when one is merely surviving, one is, in actuality declining.  Worry kicks in. I knew where I was in December. Where was I now? 

Oh crap, up another 10 pounds. I decide that I really want to focus on my health, really, really want to focus on my health. But what do I want to do? How do I want to eat? Where do I want to exercise? How do I want to exercise. The only thing I know is that I like how I feel when I do yoga when I get up and just before I go to bed. Other than that everything is up for grabs. 

I force myself to look at the fact that once again I weigh 262, My low weight in the last couple of years was closer to 240. This so sucks. 

But there is relief in knowing the facts. On the plus side, I have maintained the 50 pound weight loss from 2002 .I have regained the next 20.

I need to Come Up With A Plan to Lose 120 Pounds!!!

Myths, Unsubstantiated Thoughts and Hopes

In my opinion,there are a lot of myths, unsubstantiated thoughts and hopes about diets and weight loss. Things that don't seem to be a total truth to me are things like:

  • Low Carb is Bad
  • A Calorie is a Calorie is a Calorie
  • Grapefruit Burns Fat or the other side Grapefruit Doesn't Help Burn Fat
  • Losing Weight Fast just means that the weight is going to come back
  • Low calorie means that one is hungry all the time
  • To lose weight one needs to take most fats out of one's diet

What I Personally Believe About My Personal Weight Loss:

  • Low Carb works well for me; it helps me leave out processed foods
  • Metabolism can really smack that calorie is a calorie in the rear end
  • Grapefruit can be and often is a valuable aid to burning fat (it helps control blood sugar and more)
  • Losing weight fast is OK if one does it in a healthy way and figures out a way to maintain that weight loss
  • Low calorie can be important but it needs to have great nutritional value as well as being low calorie
  • Healthy Fats are Good
  • Grains of truth can be important if one researches how they can work 

My Plan to lose 120 Pounds

  • No processed foods. None. Zero. Other than vinegar, olive oil. Lemon juice must come directly from a lemon.

  • People often laugh when I say things like that about processed foods, but I don't have any canned foods in my house. None. I do have some organic rice but not much else. For salad dressing I will need to use either vinegar or lemon juice and olive oil. 

  • Meat, Veggies and Fruits are what I want to focus on. No fruit juices or veggies with added stuff. 

  • I want to try a grapefruit before every meal. They control blood sugar and help one's metabolism. 

  • Olive Oil is Good

  • I want to lose a chunk of that 120 pounds within this 90 day period.

  • Exercise will play a large part in my weight loss plan.

  • I want to do yoga morning and night.

  • I want to exercise for 30-60 minutes on top of that. I want that 30-60 minutes to vary everyday for a week. I don't want my body to become comfortable with a routine.  

  • I want to exercise so much because it will help me live the life I want, not just because I need to lose weight I want to walk a 5K, be able to move better, make it easier to ride my motorcycle, I want to be able to hike, walk fast, stand for longer periods of time and just plain feel better. It would be nice if I had to get some new clothes, too.

When Am I Going To Start My New Lifestyle? Now!!!

  • I will do yoga before I go to bed.
  • I will drink more water.
  • I will do what I need to do to move better and more.

Getting out my Wii now because that's how I do my yoga. I have a 30 minute routine already in the Wii Fit Plus that I have. I start to use it and do that 30 minute routine.

Weight Today: 260 BMI: 40.80