Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marty Needs to Lose 120 Pounds; Day 1

Working on Getting Healthy, Day 1

Thursday is never a good day for me to start a new lifestyle when I am in Texas. There is a park meeting every Thursday Morning at 9:00. I amble in to get some tea, glance over to the right and am mentally smacked by cheap donuts that call my name. I've so enjoyed those donuts all year. Somehow I manage to smile at the donut lady, amble towards a chair and join the meeting. 

I had tried to get up early to do my yoga before the meeting but that hadn't worked out. My grandson had called with a route question, this was his first 20 hour driving day and I was nervous. He is such an awesome young man. He and his girlfriend had agreed to help my mom drive home from Texas to Illinois. 

Swallowing tea to get a caffeine wake-up, I am playing on my iphone and manage to get up after the meeting,stumble back to my trailer and pull out my Wii. I weigh myself, my weight is down 3 pounds. Some people assume this is water weight. But if it stays gone, what do I care if it's water weight or not? It's 3 pounds gone. I do a morning yoga routine. I realize I need to change it up some, but instead explore other things that can be a different routine or two. 

For breakfast I eat 1 grapefruit, 1 orange and 6 deviled eggs. I think about the food I have in the trailer and what is in mom's trailer. Because of the problem with the credit card, I am on a food budget until Monday. There is a huge bag of veggies in mom's trailer I can use. Awesome!!!

Before I Get On the Treadmill, 2 Miles Seems Like Nothing

I face that I want to go exercise. On the way to the exercise room, I go look at a toothbrush hooked rug that I want to learn to make next year, Talk and laugh with the ladies who make them and think about getting on a treadmill. Before I get on it, I think--yeah, today is a good day. I want to walk 2 miles today. 

And-than-I-start. About a quarter of the way through the first lap I think, OK, maybe I will just take it a lap at a time and hopefully make it a whole mile. I've only walked a whole mile once before. My butt is really dragging. I shove my earphones in my ears and keep going. I bought this CD because the guy talked about the beat that he had made it in. It's not your run of the mill CD.. If one had asked me when I first got down here if I would buy a yodeling CD, the answer would have been a resounding no. But, hey, it's working. It helps me stay on the treadmill. I drag out a slow mile.

I am early into the second when a man comes in and starts chatting. He has a Michigan name tag on so we start to chat. First we discuss how much the sweat is dripping off me. Then we talk about how we are from the same 40 mile section of Michigan. I only have half a mile left to do when he leaves. There was a speck of hope. I decided to go for it lap by lap and succeeded. I sat in the shower for a long time before I was able to stand in the shower.

Derailed by 5 Tiny Twix Ice Cream Snack Bars

Still exhausted, I look in my freezer. There are 5 tinyTwix ice cream snack treats that mom gave me and the kids. I'd forgotten about them. Crap. I so couldn't just throw them away. After all, I was tired after exercising and little sleep. They don't require cooking! I eat the 5 tiny Twix ice cream snacks for lunch and immediately fall asleep for 4-5 hours. That is what processed sugary carbs do for me. they steal my life. Hours and hours of my life will float by while I sit around if I eat sugary carbs. They make me tired, totally exhausted is not an exaggeration. 

Upon awakening, I immediately beat myself up. If there was a degree in beating myself up, I would graduate magna cum laude. Wow, it would be awesome if I could just lose weight doing that. Instead, the problem is that when one could major in beating oneself up or get a degree in beating oneself up, one will often stuff all that inside and gain weight. I find it interesting when we have emotional weight, we often gain physical about direct cause and effect. 

I walk over to mom's trailer and get the veggies, look there's also some applesauce. Look it's full of corn syrup. I take it home anyway. I eat a grapefruit an orange, a huge turkey burger with the veggies, and then have some of the applesauce. 

Later I can't face the end of the night Yoga. It's still better than I have been able to do in the past 10 years. Let's celebrate the good stuff. I moved for 90 minutes today. That's something that hasn't happened for a long time. 

If Out of Sight, Out of Mind Works for Me? I Need to Use It. 

One thing today has reminded me of is that for me to be successful, I need to not have stuff I don't want to eat around. I had forgotten about the applesauce and the tiny Twix Bars. If they hadn't been around I wouldn't have gone out and gotten them. I would have gone to bed without ever missing them. I'm discouraged but overall the calories haven't been terrible. The problem is that I wanted a lifestyle change and on day one I am looking at a terrible day nutrition wise. 

Glad tomorrow is another day. 

Weight Today: 256.2 BMI:40.21

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