Saturday, October 13, 2012

Marty's Manifesto; From Mental Illness to Mental Health

This blog is where I am blogging a book. We are still searching for a title. I have part of it, but am fumbling to find the sub title. I have thought about starting so many books that I haven't finished, the anxiety of success drives me away.

I started researching how to better blog a book on the blog, How to Blog a Book. She used that blog to blog the book a book with the same name. It's got some good stuff in it. I was pleased to see that the blog still seems to be up. There are a lot of authors that pull down the posts after the book is published, hoping to not lose money.

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Part of the reason I have chosen to write this book now is that many of my friends are looking at trying something in their recovery journey that I was forced to try many years ago. I put an answer or two on Facebook here and maybe an answer on Facebook there, but little that I have written is gathered in one place. People are looking to further their recovery journeys, some wanting to take fewer meds, some wanting to stop taking meds and others want to just find better coping skills, etc. 

Part of the problem becomes when people don't want to look at how to safely get off meds or even discuss what one needs to look at or how and where to find information that can be helpful. There are so many people saying things like, the meds are killing you, get off the meds, but not really offering any good help on how to do it. The radical fringe can be of great help but sometimes they don't help. And sometimes their answers are skewed with the get off the meds, get off the meds, or even the you aren't really in recovery if you don't get off the meds. 

I've been med free for about 10 years now. At times that path was incredibly rocky. Ten years ago there wasn't as much information available. And at times, people didn't want to share it with me. I asked people questions and often got the "I figured it out and you can too" answer. They were right. I did figure out the answers for me.  At the same time, it took 8-9 years longer than it might have. 

I am often asked do you think everyone should get off their psych meds? No, that's not something I think about everybody. If you are on psych meds and they are giving you or helping you get the life a you want to live, I would think twice about why one would want to get off of the meds. The psych meds weren't doing that for me. I personally didn't have anything close to a life that I wanted to live in. 

For years I have chosen to give the answers I have found away, but when that happens some of my answers end up being incredibly disjointed. I answer questions when they are asked, but sometimes figuring out what to answer in a concise answer can be tough. 

My audience is incredibly limited, even with 2000 friends on Facebook. So I want to share some of the answers I have found that were helpful to me. Some is what I do. Some things I only try to do. Some is what I found. Some is about what worked and what didn't work. It's not always easy to do what I need or have to do to stay well.  

For some people writing means things like a pad of paper and a Bic fine point pen. Those don't work well for me when writing nonfiction. It's much easier to write non-fiction when one has a computer to do research. I was once told that one could do research in a library, but so often it takes so long for a library to get a book in on the subject that I need to do research on that I can't remember why and what I wanted to search for in the first place. 

When one uses a computer to do research, now there are so many more answers available than there were 10-22 years ago when I started searching for ways to get better. New research, different reporting and much better communication systems. There are also many answers now that weren't available to non-professional people searching for answers. In the past, answers were locked in closed libraries, in expensive books and in medical journals that only licensed professionals had access to.

So welcome. Sit back and read a spell. I think that the title to the book will be:

Marty's Manifesto; From Mental Illness to Mental Health, an Unnecessarily, Painfully Slow, Ambling, Maundering Journey.


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