Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marty's Manifesto: Making A Draft Plan From MI to MH

I was reading more from the blog; How to Blog a Book. 
and these points were brought out regarding blogging a book and the necessity of looking at blogging a book as a business person.... ) I'm kind of wondering if I can do that.) 

  1. Is my topic unique?

  2. Does what I have to say add value?

  3. Is there a market for this book?

  4. Who are my readers?

  5. What is my competition?

  6. How will I position myself in the market?

  7. What will I include in my blogged book?

  8. How will I organize the book (and, thereby, my blog)?

In some ways these points are a stumbling point to me. When I look at them I want to run away. I've always been afraid that one day life would happen and I would be like the king in the parable when the child pointed out that no one had told him that he had no clothes on.  

I have always been afraid. Fear; over-riding, pervasive fear is something that has seldom left me. My friends talk about becoming manic and doing wild and crazy things that I would have been afraid to try. I even had my daughter help pack my bike when I rode off on a motorcycle trip.  Yep that's quite an oxymoron. I can leave on a bike trip yet not be able to pack my luggage due to fear.

I am the one who will take everything, afraid of leaving home and having nothing. Afraid of being out of money and resources and being unable to replace them. A true fake, a traveller with no resources, a writer with no story, no place to run and no place to hide. Sometimes looking at anything can scare me. IN my life it seems like at times there are no good answers, absolutely none. 

So looking through a book in a business like way really scares me. What if I look and find that that my hope of writing a book is all just a pipe dream; a house of cards? What if there is more dream than substance to my dream?  What if I look and find that there can be no plan?

But deep breath in and out; here I go. Here is what  the blog, How to Blog a Book says I should look at: to look at my blog as a business person:I

  1. s my topic unique? No, but I do have a different point of view than many who choose to talk about recovery, especially a med free recovery.  
  2. Does what I have to say add value? Yes, I believe my unique point of view can add value. i know many mental health systems (some are awesome, some are less so) and my point of view can work in or out of a system. Many things out are an either-or kind of a thing. I don't believe my thoughts and point of view have to be an either or, I think they can be used regardless. 
  3. Is there a market for this book? There should be a market for this book. I care very much about disseminating information in ways that others don't. So many books about recovery take a view that one should blindly follow all professional advice or that one should forsake professional advice. The problem is that true informed choice needs to happen when it can. I'm not seeing that informed choice happen and would like to offer some options and thoughts to better help people recover.  
  4. Who are my readers? Well, I would hope people like peer support specialists, both certified and uncertified; family members who are looking to help their family member recover, persons who have a lived experience with having a mental illness (like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizo-affective disorder, depression, ADD/ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), professionals, etc. 
  5. What is my competition? I am not sure. There are books out there that talk about a personal journey of recovery, many memoirs, but I am not sure that I want to write mine as a memoir. There are the WRAP books, the Mary Ellen Copeland book series, but from her being unhappy with me, I am not at all sure that we have the same point of view. There is Pathways to Recovery, a book I really, really like but it doesn't cover much about informed choice well. I'll research some more. 
  6. How will I position myself in the market? As a person who has spent 27 years searching for recovery and how much of it was wasted by what I didn't know because of a lack of informed choice and how much becoming informed can really help one's relationships, one's treatment and one's quality of life. 
  7. What will I include in my blogged book-not sure, just starting researching things  
  8. How will I organize my blogged book? Hmm, again not sure, just now starting to think on what I might want to put in it. I have some ideas, but some are nebulous right now. 
Looking at all those points and thoughts makes me want to head out for a box of Milk Duds cause I am after all, a Milk Dud Writer.

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