Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blogging A Book; Marty's Manifesto

Today as I am reading the How To Blog A Book Blog, the question is asked:

Are you willing to approach your blogged book like a business person or only like a writer?

And if you answered, "Like a writer," it tells one that maybe you should consider your blog as your daily wring practice instead of a book project. (Kind of like, yo sleaze, you so ain't good enough). Then she goes on to say, If you said "As a business person," congratulations. You've joined the ranks of the most successful nonfiction writers because in this day and age successful nonfictions writers must also be savvy business people. 

I'm not sure just how much I am approaching it as a business person. In the last week or so I haven't written much. To me it seems that to be a business person in writing a book that one should write daily or at least 5 days a week. Instead I chose to not write for 5 days and instead do something else. 

But as I think that through, that is not being a writer....because a writer, writes. To be a successful writer, one must write and write somewhat consistently. I often struggle to do that. What I write is foten read but it can be hard for me to plant my butt in the seat and write.

Here are the questions that the How to Blog a Book Blog states that I need to look at. 

They are hard questions for me to look at. I don't like to be marketed to and so often when people want me to market myself to others I see that as being a pita (pain in the assets). I struggle with the whole pita concept. 

  • Is my topic unique?
  • Does what I have to say add value?
  • Is there a market for this book?
  • Who arre my readers?
  • What is my competition?
  • How will I position myself in the market?
  • What will I include in my blogged book?
  • How will I organize the book (and thereby, my blog?)

Not only are those hard questions for me to look at they are also scary questions for me to look at. Stepping out of my comfort zone questions. But I need to look at them anyway so here goes. 

Is my Blog a Book topic unique? 

I am not totally sure if my topic is unique or not. I will admit that I seem to have a unique viewpoint on many things that happen in one's journey towards recovery. I am sure others have it, I just don't know them. I've long been frustrated and irritated by the lack of informed choice that one finds in many community mental health systems. There is also a lack of knowledge about how to systematically become able to move out of a community mental health system and how to wean off of psych meds. It is assumed that we will take meds for the rest of one's life by so many.... and the one's that believe it may be the very people we need to help us wean off them. 

Does what I want to Blog a Book about add value to the Book Market? 

Yes I believe that what one has to say does add value to people's lives. I enjoy helping people look at things that can change the way one looks at things. This can help one discover a different and maybe a more fulfilling recovery journey. I don't believe that one's recovery journey must be a drastic up and down journey, but more of an ambling one. One can hurry on the path to that recovery journey but when one does one sometimes misses some of the more important things that are on the trail. A Recovery Journey may seem to up and down because so often one ends up at what looks to be the same place. When that happens one ends up looking at the Recovery Journey from a different perspective. 

Is there a market for this Blog A Book Project? 

I am almost afraid to hope so. Being a writer is a dream that I haven't yet seriously tried to fulfill. What if what I want to do is not something that I can succeed at? What if it stays a pipe dream? I guess it doesn't really matter if there is a market for this book. I have to start somewhere and this is where I feel I need to start. I'll be disappointed if it fails, but I'll be devastated if I don't start. 

Who are the readers of this Blog a Book Blog; Marty's Manifesto? 

People who happen to have a mental illness diagnosis, like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder or any of the other mental illnesses, family and friends of those who have a diagnosis of mental illness and maybe some of the people who feel they have all the right answers for them. 

Who is my Blog a Book Competition? 

I'm not sure it's a competition with other blog a book authors although anyone whose sales I might hurt might feel in a competition with the sales. 

How will I position myself in the Blog a Book or Mental Health Recovery market? 

Ya know, I am not totally sure what that means I hope it gets explored further. I know I want to write as a person who lived experience, one who has found answers for herself and wants to share them. So honestly and in an irreverent way.

How will I organize my book and thereby this Blog a Book blog? 

I'm not yet sure, I guess I need to map it out tomorrow. I like to use X-mind for that. I use the free version, but the paid version is something that I would like to get in the future. I have tried others, but like X-mind because the free version is so very helpful and easy to use. 

This project makes me both excited and nervous. I worry that I  won't be in Texas in November for the actual nanowrimo (National novel writers month) which for me is actually either Wnfin (Write nonfiction in November). There is a huge move that states that we need a name more like Nanonfiwrimo (National nonfiction writer's month) to be more a part of things. There is also a vlomo in November. One would think that one could spread the desire to be creative around a bit instead of shoving it in the same month as Thanksgiving, but that probably won't work. 

I'm not really arguing about a name either. I've had to listen to the patient, consumer, lived experience, client, csx, etc for way too many years now. It just all kind of sucks, people spending so much time on a label. 

For me it is all about the process of growing in my writing. 

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